Making Wishes With Your Fairy

from by Aaron Johnson



Although; most fairies grant wishes. Well, fairies granting wishes aren't just for kids anymore!
Whenever your wishes can be granted via any event, for example; some fairies grant wishes during birthdays, Holiday events, etc. Well, you have to be very careful when making wishes. If a wish is about to be granted, a fairy can use her magic wand to activate your wish.
Example Scenario:
You wished for a new tea set for your dining room for your house, a fairy uses her wand to make a new tea set appear.
Keep in mind, not all fairies can grant wishes,--due to their level, or their useful status when working their magic wands, or in some cases, some fairies don't have a wand just yet.
Imagine if fairies grant wishes for real... that can be fun all right, but you have to take responsibility when making wishes. A fairy always varify if a person's wish wanted to be granted,--before her wand is activated.


from Fairy Meditation, released January 29, 2015




Aaron Johnson Salina, Kansas

Aaron Johnson,--which is me... born in New York City. Went to school for the blind from 2005-2011 in Kansas. Lost vision since 2004.
Started writing books and music after vision loss, although; I started believing in fairies, and left other beliefs,--so I learn new things faster. I didn't wish to believe in God and Jesus during my childhood, I've been wishing to believe in fairies for years.
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