Reggae Dancehall Drum Tracks 0​.​1

by Aaron Johnson



Finding some reusable drum rhythm tracks to reuse for your music project?
You're at the right album,--where low cost tracks that are safe to reuse.
This is a Reggae DanceHall drum track album,--contains safe-to-reuse tracks. All tracks in this album is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
All low cost tracks are affordable for any reuse for any of your projects.
Ideal for:
- Any Reggae artist, if you're a an independent artist, or an artist linked to a record label.
- Making music with any music-making programs, machines, etc.
You are free to reuse any track in this album,--as long as you give credit to this artist who made this album. But please do not place any of your tracks,--after reusing this album behind technological measures, such as YouTube's Content-ID systems, DRM, or any other copy-protection schemes.
Watch for any of the new tracks added to this album, or subscribe to this album for any of the updates.


released July 22, 2015




Aaron Johnson Salina, Kansas

Aaron Johnson,--which is me... born in New York City. Went to school for the blind from 2005-2011 in Kansas. Lost vision since 2004.
Started writing books and music after vision loss, although; I started believing in fairies, and left other beliefs,--so I learn new things faster. I didn't wish to believe in God and Jesus during my childhood, I've been wishing to believe in fairies for years.
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